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Customised Kitchen Equipments

We manufacture all kinds of customised equipments for kitchens and bars

Distribution of Brands

We also distribute equipments of various brands at Pan India level.


We guide and consult kitchen and bar owners to boost their performance

Quality Checks

We know the quality leak holes like the back of our hand and help kitchens and bars in improving theirs.

UNOX Dealer in Delhi

UNOX is popular world for its amazing range of commercial kitchen equipments. Great chefs globally make use of UNOX appliances and equipment in their kitchen and these are now bought to India by NRS Kitchen. The Unox products are known for their high utility value and the cost effectiveness. It is distributed in India solely by NRS kitchens.

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Elanpro Dealer in Delhi

Elanpro, a name well-known in the industry of commercial kitchen equipment has won the hearts of many. These products are now exclusively brought to India by NRS kitchens. Make your pick from the best, at the best price ever. The Unox products are known for their high utility value and the cost effectiveness.

To avail top discounts on all products

Our Top Products


  • Gretchen

    We often look for a supplier who is an authorized and reputed dealer of world renowned brands of commercial kitchen equipments. We are happy that our search ended at NRS Kitchen that provides quality equipment at low prices. We not only got unbeatable selection but a top quality service as well. We recommend NRS Kitchen.

  • Esmeralda

    NRS Kitchen helped us with commercial kitchen supplies which improved our sales and productivity. As they have almost everything required for food preparation, electric ranges, commercial refrigerators, tables and sinks; we found everything needed for our commercial establishment at one place. And, above all, all the equipments are from well-known brands and are of reasonable prices.

  • Anamaria

    If you have a food service business, look no further than NRS Kitchen. The team meets even your specific commercial kitchen equipment needs and all the supplies provided by them are efficient and durable. They have experts to assist you with the right products you would need for the success of your business.

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