7 Different types of display cabinets

A lot of thought process goes into the making when it comes to designing the kitchen to perfection. You have the faucets, the lighting, décor, cabinet shelves and the list goes on. You must lay your emphasis on designing the right type of kitchen cabinets. You need space to keep your cups, saucers, crockery, plates, and other essentials in. Before you decide to install new kitchen display cabinets, you must have a fair idea of the Display Cabinets in Delhi that are in store for you. Let us delve into some of the posh varieties of kitchen display cabinets for you to look at. Shall we get started?

Shaker style

This is one of the most preferred kitchen Display Cabinets in Delhi for homes and villa apartments out there. This is how the paneling design is. You have the frame with four pieces while a single flat center panel acts as the fifth piece. This is a trend that deserves its mention for the simple reason that the kitchen cabinet displays a classic yet contemporary feel to the kitchen space. You can include flat paneled doors with rail frames, followed by a rock-solid construction using wood. You can choose shaker-style cabinets in a variety of designs too. 


Looking at the second variety of kitchen Display Cabinets in Delhi. This is named the Louvered. Louvered kitchen cabinets make use of horizontal wooden slats. The price tag is also a little bit on the higher side. This is a design that is seen on windows, furniture pieces, and interior doors too. Then, this is one of the unique types of display cabinets that can woo guests or friends who come over to your place. These display cabinets need spaces with ample ventilation. For the simple reason, these louvered doors have spaces between each slat. 

Flat-panel or Slab

Flat-panel or slab styled kitchen display cabinets come to you with a simple look. At the same time, these display shelves can look stylish too. The slab styled kitchen cabinet offers hard lines with urbane minimalism. These are display cabinets that lack expensive detailing. The appearance of a flat panel kitchen cabinet can suit both contemporary and modern kitchens. Slab doors do not offer any kind of frames. These are just solid slabs, as the name suggests.

Some of the premier brands on kitchen innovation do offer Display Cabinets in Delhi for sale. You can look for great offers and discounted deals the premier range kitchenware brands offer from time to time. 


Inset styled kitchen cabinets can be yet another stylish addition to your kitchen space. These cabinets are made up of an inset door set inside the cabinet frame. This model is truly one of its kinds mainly because the doors are not outside the frame like typical cabinet shelves. The Inset doors are designed using incredibly precise measurements. This is done to make sure the wood sits inside the frame while the doors open and close correctly. Inset kitchen cabinets and drawers can provide a rich and classy feel to your kitchen. This kitchen cabinet is the most expensive too. 

You can customize the look of inset cabinetry while you choose between beaded or non-beaded insets. Not to forget the fact, that the inset cabinetry is fitted in sync with the doors themselves. This way, you lend a detailed edge to superior craftsmanship. The inset doors also reveal their hinges. The style is quite different to other types of display cabinets, wherein the hinges are concealed into the doors. Inset cabinets reveal hinges that get included in the cost of the cabinet box. In other words, you must purchase two hinges per door for inset cabinets. You can include a glass encase over inset styled cabinet shelves. You can keep your expensive crockery sets like plates, cups, saucers, knives, and even tall wine glasses on inset-styled cabinet shelves. Are you looking at gun display cabinets for sale? Then, you can look for a design that emulates the inset styled kitchen cabinets. 


Are you on the lookout for an antique-styled kitchen? Then distressed cabinets and drawers can be your obvious choice. Distressed looking kitchen cabinets can have any type of door attached to them. The corners are rubbed off while interior designers use other distressing techniques to lend the décor a rugged look. You may have to shell out 15 to 20 percent extra if you want to involve distressing techniques in your brand-new cabinetry.


The display cabinets comprise vertical planks with inundation or ridges known as beads. You find these beads between each blank indeed. These kitchen cabinets can provide a dynamic feel as compared to the other styles, especially the flat kitchen cupboards. Again, the beads provide the cabinet doors with a fabulous texture indeed. The kitchen display cabinets ideally suit the farmhouse or a country house kind of a setup. You can plan beadboard-styled cabinets for your cottage houses too.

If you are looking for all-white beadboard cabinets, the look is a perfect fit for your cottage styled homes. However, you must remember that the stains, cracks or crevasses can be hard to clean up. So, you must be prepared for thorough upkeep or add to the maintenance costs from time to time. 


Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are molded from Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF. The cabinet styled is first wrapped using a plastic coating and the same is baked for proper sealing. You, therefore, have durable as well as cost-effective kitchen cabinetry here. Thermofoil cabinets come to you in solid colors. These are imitation wood and not the real ones. These cabinets are not only easy to maintain but are moisture resistant as well. However, the cabinets have a lower resistance to heat.


These are the top 7 types of display cabinets you will fall in love with. If you do not want to spend too much money on installing the cabinets, you can order a DIY set online. You can avail of Display Cabinets in Delhi for sale via online stores.



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