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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services

If you are looking for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services, your search ends here at NRS Kitchens. We have been into the service for more than 10 years and have catered to a wide range of clientele. NRS Kitchens provides all kinds of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services that you can ever ask for your kitchen. NRS Kitchen provides complete services of the kitchen equipments ranging from consultancy, installation, maintenance and training. All these services go in sync with the current operations and do not impact any other service whatsoever. The training programs are designed to reach every employee in your kitchen irrespective of their background.

Our range and level of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services has been highly appreciated by clients and industry experts through their reviews and recommendations. This has made NRS Kitchens an industry name to reckon with. Feel free to connect for any kind of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services should you want one for your kitchen.

Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer

In the huge list of kitchen equipments manufacturer in and around Delhi, NRS kitchens is one name that stand apart for its quality services and range of equipments it supplies. Not only NRS Kitchens is the biggest distributor for various brands it is also the biggest Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Delhi NCR Region. We manufacture all range of kitchen equipments and machinery in-house. Scale of orders has never been an issue for us as our manufacturing set up is designed accordingly. Moreover our turnaround time is surprisingly fast with the best response time you can ever get.

If you are looking for a Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Delhi NCR Region, NRS Kitchen is the one you want. Simply call us to discuss your requirement and we’ll be more than happy to work with you. You will be surprised to see the range of products we manufacture and the services we have been providing in the sector.

Our Kitchen Appliances & Products

NRS Kitchens is not just a leading distributor of kitchen appliances and products for other brands but it also manufactures Kitchen Appliances & Products in and around Delhi NCR region. Our kitchen appliances & products are known for their high quality and standard levels and preferred largely by kitchen owners.

Our kitchen appliances & products can also be made to order and the level of customisation is pretty flexible too. Couple this with consultancy that we provide and you have the exact appliance or product you want. In-house manufacturing and control keeps our kitchen appliances & products at the highest levels of quality and standards. If you need any equipment for your kitchen, do go through the range of our kitchen appliances & products and you will be surprised to find the amount of money, time and energy it saves you

Quality Check

The biggest issue any kitchen equipment manufacturer faces is the issue of quality check to deliver the right quality equipments to the kitchens and bars. Quality check is such a huge menace that an enormous amount of literature and research has been spent on this. Manufacturers spend a lot of tie ensuring quality check processes are set and adhered to. An NRS kitchen has set up its own set of processes and guidelines to ensure high quality products and equipments are delivered to kitchens.

Our quality check processes have more than 200 check in them which are checked at multiple levels to ensure that whatever equipments and appliances that come out from our factories have the highest levels of quality and standards in them. Till now we have not received a single complaint on our equipments. The kitchen owners in Delhi will vouch for our levels of products and services we have been supplying for last 10 years.

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